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Customer Spotlight: New Apps from LA

Posted by on October 30th, 2015

While Los Angeles is traditionally more known for its entertainment and film industry, since the inception of Snapchat there’s real proof that building a successful mobile startup in the largest city in Southern California has become reality. Today, there is a growing number of startup activities, focused particularly around the Santa Monica area, a stretch close to the LAX airport that those from outside LA might better know for its beach. It is no surprise that techies are beginning to dub this stretch as “Silicon Beach.”


Here at testmunk we are pleased to count several of these Los Angeles based companies amongst our customers. Our spotlight this week is on these young companies. I recently made a trip down to Southern California and had the opportunity to meet these clients personally. Not only can I attest that the people behind these apps were great people to work with, but that the apps themselves were innovative, user-friendly and well-designed. Our Palo Alto neighbors have some competition!



Skurt is an app created to bring rental cars directly to their Los Angeles customers. By allowing their customers to rent vehicles with a few quick taps on their phone, they cut down on long lines, extensive paperwork, or long waits.

Testing challenge:

“As part of constantly improving the User Experience, we are about to do some major refactoring, a good test coverage will help us to verify fast if everything still works as expected.” Aaron Peck, Co-founder



Saucey is an app serving customers in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and San Diego (Dallas coming soon), providing prompt delivery of your favourite alcoholic beverages direct to you. With our mobile app, you can have your beverages delivered directly to your current location, whether your office, the local baseball diamond, or your home.

Testing challenge:

“We do have several testcases around GPS testing. Since we only operate in certain geographical regions testing these scenarios has become an important part.” Daniel Leeb, Co-Founder



Burner lets users get as many numbers as they want, use each as a private line on an iPhone or Android phone, and keep numbers indefinitely or ‘burn’ numbers they no longer need. In today’s increasingly invasive world, Burner provides you a layer of privacy, protecting your communication and your personal data.

Testing challenge:

“Recently, Burner announced integrations with a few third-party services including Slack, Evernote, and Dropbox. Automating tests to insure that each works seamlessly has been a major benefit to us.” Chris O’Malley, Tech Lead

Working with these innovative app developers has helped (and challenged) us to improve our automated functional testing. In working with them, and the unique testing scenarios required by each, we’ve expanded our library of testcases, and refined others. We live for opportunities like these. If you are looking to improve test coverage of locational services, integration with other applications, or are overhauling your application functionality, we’re more than ready to rise to the occasion.

martin_poschenrieder About the author:
Martin Poschenrieder has been working in the mobile industry for most of the past decade. He began his career as an intern for one of the few German handset manufacturers, years before Android and iPhone were launched. After involvement with several app projects, he soon realized that one of the biggest pain-points in development was mobile app testing. In order to ease this pain, he started Testmunk. Testmunk is based in Silicon Valley, and provides automated app testing over the cloud.
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