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Happy Holidays!

Posted by on December 21st, 2015

We wanted to take some time to update you on our work, wish you the happiest of holidays, and thank you for being part of the testmunk family!


Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Product Update: Time saved compared to manual testing


We recently updated our email notification to let you know approximately how long test runs would have taken to run manually. This saved time comes from the use of testmunk automation technology and the provision of screenshots and device logs, which results in faster test execution, seamless team communication, and easier record-keeping. By the way, testmunk provides several ways to be notified about test run results. You can use our API to be notified through your Jenkins/Jarvis setup, or we can send a notification through email.

Case Studies


Have you ever wondered how testmunk helps other apps improve through testing? Recently, we integrated a new subsite in our website featuring some of the companies we have been working with. Here you can read about some popular apps that have used testmunk and Automated App Testing to improve their QA process and results. Explore case studies.

testmunk @ Mobile Quality Night Vienna 2015

Rudolf Groetz, organizer of the Mobile Quality Night in Vienna, recently showcased testmunk and discussed our location testing feature at Mobile Quality Night Vienna, an event that unites all those who want to share their experiences and their knowledge about mobile applications. As more and more apps rely on the location of the device in their core functionality, it’s more important than ever to be able to test location and spoof locations during testing. You can read more about testmunk’s location testing feature here.

testmunk @ PhoneGap Developer Day

Our CEO, Martin, is set to speak at PhoneGap Day 2016 on January 29th at Adobe in Lehi, Utah. His session will discuss the challenges that developers and QA engineers face due to large device and OS fragmentation and how automated testing can benefit them. Testmunk has automated testing for various hybrid apps including PhoneGap/Cordova apps for quick detection of layout issues and crashes. In fact, Martin’s post on our work with hybrid apps was recently featured on PhoneGap’s blog.

testmunk has a Phone Number!

Have you ever wanted to talk to Testmunk about testing, a new app you’re working on, or how we can help your development process? Good News! We now have a phone number so you can call us any time!


Tip: Android Tool to Capture Video on Mac

Android Tool for Mac makes it easy for even non-technical colleagues to capture screenshots or videos from Android applications right from the desktop. Here’s a write-up on the tool to get you started.

Best wishes for the new year!

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