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iOS 9 Testing Available

Posted by on October 1st, 2015


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A lot has happened with Apple devices in the past few weeks. With the release of iOS 9 and two new iPhones, we’re sure you are all busy updating your devices and your apps. In order to ensure our clients are able to test the latest and greatest from Apple, we have made 3 new devices available for you to test on when your iOS 9 app is ready. Our cloud device lab now provides the iPhone 6S, the iPhone 6S Plus, and the iPad Air 2, each running iOS 9.0.2.


Start testing on iOS 9 today!

What about older iOS versions?

Not everyone is running iOS 9, and we’ve got you covered. Testmunk’s cloud device lab provides complete Apple iOS coverage from iOS 6 to the latest, iOS 9. We also support all iOS devices from the iPhone 4 all the way to the newly released iPhone 6S. This broad range of support will help your iOS team ensure a smooth transition to iOS 9, while also checking that your users on older devices and iOS versions won’t encounter any problems in your app.

Our Recommendations for Testing


Mixpanel’s report on iOS 9 Adoption (Captured on 10/1)

While the number of people running iOS 9 is growing daily, a significant number of users are still running iOS 8, so we recommend continuing to test on older versions over the next few months, until user adoption increases. With the bugs that accompanied the first versions of iOS 9, many users have downgraded and may be hesitant to upgrade again for a few weeks (although, today’s release of 9.0.2 fixed most of the issues users were having). Mixpanel has an excellent breakdown of iOS 9 adoption.

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