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January Newsletter

Posted by on January 21st, 2016

testmunk featured in presentation by Vuk Trifkovic, QA @vimcar


Vuk Trifkovic, product @vimcar, an easy-to-use digital logbook for your car with an accompanying mobile application, recently gave a presentation on “QA for the Rest of Us” at the Up.Front 62 meetup. We were very pleased to be mentioned as part of the Vimcar QA Stack. Vuk draws from his experience with QA at Vimcar to deliver important tips and suggestions for anyone interested in QA.

Behind the Scenes: How We Sped Up Our Code Reviews

As a startup, we have to be able to move quickly, however, we never want to sacrifice the quality of our code for speed. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the development process for our clients by expediting automation. Likewise, we try to improve our own software development process.


These improvements include efforts to streamline our work in Github. Previously, we had to run a new branch locally and verify the changes. In order to speed up testing and acceptance phases, we looked into Heroku Review apps, and integrated it into our Github workflow.

This integration automatically creates a new app for every pull request, after each commit. The shorter feedback loop allows everyone in our team to quickly check and test new features as we work on building them out. While this integration was not without its difficulties, we’ve found that by integrating this Heroku feature, it’s easier to collaborate with teammates, which has increased our productivity and the quality of our code.

Tool Tip: lookback.io – screen recording tool

Lookback.io is a tool that allows you to record real users using your app to help with user research, bug reporting, and feedback. Using the tool, all your recordings are held in a central location so you can refer to them as needed. Check it out to help simplify your testing!

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