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Mobile Test Automation Training and Consulting

Posted by on November 6th, 2015

Get access to our mobile test automation experts

Over the past years we have worked on hundred of different iOS and Android apps. This means we have been dealing with various mobile test automation challenges across many industries. We have also been receiving more and more requests for mobile app test automation training and specifically for the Calabash framework.

We‘d like to enable more mobile app companies to benefit from the power of the calabash framework and the benefits of mobile test automation. So, we’re extending our offering to the wider community. You are now able to book training sessions with us.

This training / consulting session is custom to your needs, meaning we focus on your needs and questions, it’s not a formalized presentation. You can of course also talk about specific implementations or challenges that you are currently facing in your project or a certain testcase or query you are stuck with and don’t want to waste more time.

Common popular training topics are:

  • How to get started with Mobile Test Automation
  • How to get started with Calabash iOS and Calabash Android
  • How to move from manual testing to automation
  • Implementing the Page Object Framework
  • How to best implement Cross Platform Testing
  • Integrating the Calabash Framework
  • How to automate Webviews
  • Integrating automation into your agile methodology
  • How to write and maintain large set of tests
  • What to automate and what to leave for manual testing
  • How to create living documentation of your system (executable specifications)
  • ROI of mobile test automation
  • Pros and Cons for mobile test automation
  • Get in touch

    Send us an email to hello@testmunk.com with your specific requests so that we can discus.

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