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Mobile Test Automation Video Tutorials

Posted by on January 5th, 2016

Here at testmunk we always enjoy seeing young individuals who are passionate about technology, like college student Santi Gracia whom we previously featured while he was building a “tinder to vote for the next president” and used mobile automation. Today, we’re featuring John Engelhart, a 21 year old CS graduate who dived into mobile test automation a year ago and recently created several videos and published them on YouTube. Thanks John for sharing your learnings with the community and helping others!

Here are a few of John’s videos that can help get you started with Calabash:

Mobile Test Automation: Introduction to Cucumber and Calabash

This video introduces the tools that will be used throughout the series on Calabash.

Mobile Test Automation: Cucumber Calabash – Environment Setup

This video will goes over the setup process for several pieces of our environment, including:

  • Java
  • Apache Ant
  • Android SDK & ADB
  • Ruby / Dev Kit

Mobile Automation: Cucumber Calabash – Eclipse Setup

This video will go over the setup process for:

  • Eclipse
  • Mercurial Eclipse Plugin
  • Cucumber Eclipse Plugin
  • Integration of android tools into Eclipse

Mobile Automation: Cucumber Calabash – Intro to Calabash-android gem

This video goes over the basic command line controls of the calabash-android and how to launch your application on an emulator. These include setup, gen, resign, console, and run.

Mobile Automation: Cucumber Calabash – Introduction to Step Definitions

This video goes over what step definitions are, how they relate to a feature file, the common syntax, and how to avoid ambiguous steps.

For another perspective, take a look at our guide to automating mobile app testing.


John Engelhart

John is a graduate of Minnesota State University, Mankato where he studied Computer Information Technology and is also a Software Engineer Intern at Maverick Software Consulting. He started working with mobile automation about a year ago, and has also created a series of YouTube tutorials to help others learn mobile automation. John utilized sites like Testmunk and the community as he studied automation to gain a deeper understanding of the framework. As John’s internship comes to an end, he wants to give back to the community for what they given to him. He created his automation series to help people get started with calabash-cucumber automation, and he draws from his personal experience and understanding of the issues that he overcame. He believes that in order for this tool to continue its growth, everyone must contribute.

Click here to view more of John’s videos

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