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Open Sourcing the Testmunk Gem

Posted by on March 3rd, 2016

Script automated test cases faster.

One of the key factors of a sustainable automation strategy is being able to set up and maintain test cases quickly. If you can’t update test cases quickly, you risk automation failure. We believe both developers and QA engineers need to have the best tools at hand to get the job done.

Here at testmunk we give some of our clients advice on their automation efforts, and also frequently get our hands dirty in setting up and scripting large scale automation suites for them. Hence we care deeply about the whole process from the set up, to the maintenance, to the execution of tests.


A few months ago we started developing our own ‘helper gem’, a Ruby library that assists us in writing tests. Specifically, it helps us accelerate:

  • The querying of UI elements on the view
  • The setting up of a new test suite
  • The maintenance and extension of a test suite

Since it has been very helpful for us internally, we decided the wider community should benefit from it as well, and so we have open sourced it. That way you can use and gain from it as well :)

See the gem on github.

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