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Testmunk Included in Forrester Report

Posted by on February 16th, 2016


Forrester, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, has issued a newly published report analyzing the vendor landscape for front-end mobile testing tools. Testmunk is proud to be included alongside players in the industry such as CA, HP, and IBM. Our solution offers both an on-premise and cloud-based environment that manages test execution, results tracking and reporting.

As the report highlights, mobile development teams need new approaches to mobile app testing since the shrinking time frame of the typical dev cycle means:

  • Limited time to define proper test requirements
  • No way to incorporate user feedback if companies follow a waterfall type of development approach
  • No time for silo-based handoffs when dev and test teams works separately
  • Limited targets for manual testing since dev cycles are too short for manual testing of mobile apps

Testing is right at the center of the hurricane. Business pressure for more and happier customers means constant pressure for new features and better performance. This translates into release schedules that are measured in weeks or days versus the few releases a year that mainframe or desktop apps required.” – Forrester

Forrester’s report also highlights the need for engineering teams to increase the the speed of testing, especially when the app has a critical business impact, and/or when more features increase app and environment complexity. In efforts to increase the speed of testing, automation is vastly improving app quality, simply because more of the app is tested more often. The availability of real devices to test on improves results dramatically.

Automation and device diversity are the keys to success.” – Forrester

As key reasons for companies to consider automation, specifically using a mobile device cloud or on-premise setup such as testmunk operates, mobile development/QA teams are able to effectively:

  • Keep up with today’s rapid app delivery schedules
  • Free QA resources to focus more on UX testing
  • Protect existing code from issues created through new development
  • Compress the development feedback loop
  • Expand capabilities through continuous integration

The full report can be downloaded on the Forrester website.

If you are considering integrating mobile test automation into your development/QA process, don’t hesitate to stop by our enterprise page and get in touch with an enterprise sales associate.

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