Testmunk joined Snapchat. For testing services, check out TestObject.


Testmunk joined Snapchat

Posted by on July 30th, 2016

A bit more than 3 years ago, our mission to improve the pain points of app testing began with discoveries made while remedying app testing for our own apps. Our experiences, combined with out of the box thinking, allowed my team and I to come up with better and more efficient ways to test our own apps. The realization that these methods were applicable to many more app development projects resulted in the start of Testmunk.

While working steadily towards the vision of providing millions of app users a better experience through better developed apps, I have been consistently intrigued and impressed by the increasing impact that Snapchat has had in the app ecosystem. I came to realize that there was a perfect alignment with the goal to impact as many app users as possible. Because of this, I am happy to announce that I joined Snapchat and I’m excited to start a new chapter. The Testmunk device cloud will no longer be available.

In order to make the transition as easy as possible, I recommend that clients and interested parties take a look at the services offered by TestObject. Since our blog, having provided our clients and the QA Community with industry insights and many tutorials, has been receiving a great deal of love, it will continue to stay live for the time being.

With love and appreciation,
Founder Testmunk

Testmunk automates mobile app testing


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